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TMAP-Backgrounds™ conducts investigation operations for Threat Management And Protection, Inc.™ and TMAP-Worldwide™. We are an investigations service provider operating with a high level of competence, professionalism, and efficiency.
TMAP-Backgrounds™ provides a wide variety of timely and accurate background investigation and verification services using targeted local resources with global reach and coverage. We understand the needs of, and work closely with, corporate human resource departments, legal firms, school districts, business owners, landlords, and more.
We specialize in pre-employment background screenings and public records research and retrieval, with our professional researchers visiting courts daily, ensuring our clients get the most accurate and current information available. Our employee pre-employment background screenings assist employers in preventing employment issues, such as: workplace violence, employee theft, falsified applications, drug use, and overlooked criminal and sex offender histories, resulting in lower turnover and reducing employer’s exposure to negligent hiring liability.
We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of legal and ethical standards. Each report is carefully evaluated before being released to the client and is prepared with an emphasis on detail, confidentiality and is fully compliant with State and Federal Laws.
TMAP-Backgrounds™ provides quality investigation & security services that build long-term relationships.
To find out why TMAP-Backgrounds™ is the right choice and how we can be of service to you call us at 1 (877) 926-8110 or click here to send us a message.


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