Verifications and References


Employment Verification

Past Employment Verification is recommended for all employees. TMAP-Background’s in-house Reference and Verification Department offers two employment verifications.
Our standard Employment Verification reports the employer’s name, applicant’s title, dates of employment, salary history (upon client’s request), whether they are eligible for rehire, and we ask for additional comments. TMAP-Backgrounds™ also offers an Employment Verification "Plus" that adds questions about the applicant’s initiative and drive, follow-through, problem solving skills, organizational skills, work attitude and dependability. If an Employment Verification Plus is ordered but a past employer will only provide information requested in the Standard Verification, TMAP-Backgrounds™ will only charge the standard Employment Verification fee.

Education Verification

Education verification is recommended for management positions as well as most business office functions. TMAP-Backgrounds™ generally verifies college degrees, unless clients ask that we verify high school also or highest degree earned. TMAP-Backgrounds’ Education Verification will report the subject’s dates of attendance, graduation date and degree earned. Additionally, some educational institutions will report GPA.

Professional License Verification

TMAP-Backgrounds’ Reference and Verification Department conducts professional license and certification verifications. Our reports reveal the validity of applicants’ professional licenses, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, current status and any disciplinary action.

Military Service Verification

TMAP-Backgrounds’ Reference and Verification Department verifies the branch of service and current status.

Prior Employer Drug and Alcohol Test Results

The search inquires with past employers to obtain information on whether an applicant (1) took a drug test, (2) failed any drug test, or (3) refused any drug test. Pursuant to 49 C.F.R., previous employers must provide information on past employees’ drug and alcohol tests within the two previous years. Information will provide dates of confirmed positive tests for drugs, confirmed alcohol test results of 0.04% or greater, and refusal to take a controlled substance test within the past two years.

Professional, Management, or Executive Reference Interview

TMAP-Backgrounds™ offers three types of Reference Interviews: Professional, Management and Executive. The Professional Interview includes questions that relate to the applicant’s professionalism, work ethic, and adaptability. The Management Interview includes the entire Professional Interview and additional questions that focus on the applicant’s management capabilities. The Executive Interview includes the Management Interview and adds questions that focus on the applicant’s executive management skills and capabilities. Additionally, you may add your own questions to customize the Executive Interview for the specific position or industry.

To learn more about our pre-employment screening, verification and background checks services call TMAP-Backgrounds™ today toll free at (877) 926-8110, or send us a message by clicking here.

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