Financial Reporting

Financial Records Search

Credit History

TMAP-Backgrounds™ recommends credit history reports for employees that can affect the company financially. This necessarily includes all employees in accounting functions, but may also include other employees that may, for example, be entrusted with a corporate credit or purchasing card.

The credit history reports TMAP-Backgrounds™ provides are designed for employment purposes, so they do not count as an inquiry on the individual’s report or reveal either date of birth or a credit score. The report includes verification of the subject’s name, their current address and two previous addresses, current phone number, current employer, up to three previous employers, and any aliases associated with the SSN. The credit summary portion of the report contains the complete file including public records (i.e., liens, judgments, etc.), collection accounts, current or previous delinquent accounts, types of credit, total indebtedness, and profile (i.e., account charged off, repossessed, etc.).

Liens, Judgments and Bankruptcies

The liens and judgments search includes a State and Federal Tax Lien Search and a Recorded Judgments Search.

The State and Federal Tax Lien Search is conducted on a county level to discover claims on property or goods of a subject by a governmental tax agency, determining if there is a legal requirement to pay past tax obligations before other payments.

The Recorded Judgments Search provides records of civil judgments that are recorded at the county level, generally at the recorder’s office. The records can be filed by or against a subject. A summary of the judgment will be obtained. Recorded judgments results are filed by subject name, with no secondary identifier.

Federal Bankruptcy

The federal bankruptcy search is a national locator index for the United States bankruptcy courts. The database allows searches by party name or social security number in the bankruptcy index. The information provided by the search will include the party name, the court where the case is filed, the case number and the filing date. The following courts are not available online:

    District Courts (not on the index)

  • Indiana Southern District Court CM/ECF
  • New Mexico District Court
  • Virgin Islands CM/ECF
  • New Mexico District Court
  • Virgin Islands CM/ECF


    U.S.Courts of Appeal (not on the index)

  • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Second Circuit
  • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
  • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
  • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
  • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Federal Circuit


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