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TMAP-Backgrounds™ is the research division for
Threat Management and Protection, Inc.™ (TMAP), a security driven Risk Management firm with a global reach.TMAP-Backgrounds™ provides its clients with timely, accurate, information about individuals and businesses.
Our experienced and highly skilled team of investigative experts provide a complete line of Investigation and Verification Services including:


TMAP-Backgrounds™ has what it takes to get the information you need, discreetly, cost effectively, and professionally.

Threat Management and Protection, Inc.™ is more than an Investigation and Security Services company. We are your strategic business partner and will help you maximize your business ventures and profits through effective Business Intelligence, Risk Management and Critical Incident Mitigation.
For more information about how TMAP-Backgrounds™ can be of service please call us toll free in the U.S. at (877) 926-8110, or send us a message by clicking here.
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Corporate Licenses: Arizona: 1710105, 1581922 | California: PI 21748, PPO 14052 | Florida: A 2300252, B 2300151 | Nevada: 1508, 1508A | Texas: C15367