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Executive Protection

Our executive protection specialists provide Close Personal Protection services to ensure the safety of corporate executives and other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, wealth, celebrity status, associations or geographical location.

Providing executive protection is much more than just the ability to defend against an attack. Today’s protection professional also understands that they represent the executive they are protecting and acts with discretion to minimize the impact of a security detail on daily life. They also must be flexibly and able to quickly and efficiently respond to medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters and other spontaneous events.

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Effective protection programs are based on research and preparation rather than sheer muscle; Personal protection is a cerebral function, not a physical function. TMAP protection professionals understand this, they identify and eliminate threats before they materialize, preventing dangerous encounters rather than simply responding to them. Whether you are spending millions to protect all your top executives or you hire an occasional security provider when your CEO travels, TMAP will transform your idea of personal protection from a tolerated hassle into a perk.

Even simple commonly overlooked steps can make a big difference to an executive’s security. Many companies provide excellent facility security but don’t take the basic precaution of performing background checks on employees that work in close proximity to top executives. Our TMAP-Backgrounds™ division performs background investigations and records searches identifying any hidden threats.

Excellent training is essential when lives are on the line. TMAP personal protection experts are not just well trained, they provide best in class firearms, defensive driving and executive protection training through The Top Gun Training Centre, LLC

When your staff travel overseas, we offer 24-hour professional security advice, both before travel, and in the event of an incident. Using our S.A.F.E (Security Awareness In Foreign Environments) program, we can assist you in developing or updating your corporate travel security policy, which should include the necessary authorizations, pre-deployment briefs and a plan for on the ground support.

Occasionally, events happen in the normal cycle of business where our services are required. For instance, during a hostile termination threats often focus upon senior managers. The corporation has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the staff and their family, while the situation is diffused and the threat eliminated.

In situations such as workplace violence intervention and stalking cases, we respond with a combined investigative and protective solution. Our experience as investigators allows us to support the protective operation with current information about the threat, thus minimizing the risk and avoiding confrontation.

We provide comprehensive services comprising of:

  • Executive Protection Personnel
  • 24/7 Security and Incident Management Center
  • City or Area Briefings
  • Online Information Services
  • Travel Security Consulting
  • Travel out of Country – Risk Forecast
  • Personal Security Training (S.A.F.E Program)

Whether you are starting a new executive protection program or just looking to tune up an existing plan, the first step you should take is to call TMAP-Worldwide™ at (800) 926-8110. We will perform a thorough risk analysis and examine the risks that each of the individuals who are critical to your organization faces and determine what kinds of security measures must be taken to ensure their safety

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