TMAP™ Case Studies

Asset Investigations/Fraud Prevention:

Our clients were the siblings whose father had died and his spouse (their step-mother) claimed the estate was much smaller than either sibling believed. TMAP commenced an initial asset search and quickly identified over 100 corporations in multiple states and overseas. The claimed value of the estate was between $5 million and $10 million, TMAP’s Financial Investigations Team identified properties and other assets with a value almost ten times that disclosed by the wife.

The investigation also identified the co-mingling of personal and corporate assets and the laundering of proceeds from real estate transactions through Hong Kong companies to various US based corporations.

Workplace Violence:

Our client was considering terminating an employee for performance issues. The employee was on notice and had been on sick leave for some time. The employer started to receive very graphic and threatening e-mails. TMAP provided plain-clothed armed security officers at the company location and deployed a surveillance team on the employee. The company obtained a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against the employee and asked TMAP to serve it.
Our surveillance agents witnessed the employee travel to a medical marijuana dispensary and noticed the imprint of a gun visible under his clothing. He remained under surveillance until TMAP agents arrived with law enforcement (to keep the peace) to serve the employee. When the employee came to the door after some negotiation he was immediately seen by law enforcement, and admitted to having a Glock handgun concealed on his person. He was restrained by law enforcement and the weapon removed for safe keeping due to the service of the TRO.
Some days later after mediation and negotiation the employee resigned and the matter was concluded without harm. The proactive stance of the client minimized the potential for harm and TMAP was able to mitigate any risk by deploying surveillance and protective agents without the knowledge of the target employee.

Employment Investigations – Theft / Embezzlement

The client, a well respected auto dealership believed that their comptroller was embezzling from them. An audit had produced no significant variances in the accounting process, so they contacted TMAP. Our strategy required the placement of an undercover agent (UC) within the dealership initially as a sales-person and subsequently after promotion as a Sales Manager with full computer and records access. The UC was able to search completed transactions in completed deals and discovered that the software had been manipulated to add a percentage charge on all deals. This was then moved to a holding account and paid to a corporation owned by the spouse of the comptroller.

Protective detail:

Following a series of terminations for dishonesty our client’s general Manager received a personal threat from one of those terminated.
Over a year that person received round the clock personal protection while the former employee continued to harass and threaten him. The harassment culminated in the former employees arrest for DUI and the illegal possession of a loaded concealed handgun.

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Whenever a corporate client of mine needs a private investigator (whether to provide litigation support, conduct a background check, conduct a workplace violence investigation or provide security services) I turn to RJ. RJ is very detailed-oriented and has produced great results for my corporate clients. I would highly recommend RJ and his firm, Threat Management And Protection, Inc.

Ron S Brand, The Brand Law Firm

I have worked with RJ on a number of difficult and sensitive projects, and he has exceeded my (and my clients’) expectations on every single one.

Ernest W. (“Will”) Klatte, III, Managing Partner at Klatte, Budensiek & Young-Agriesti, LLP